High Quality Features:

  • 0.25 HP to 2.0 HP motors are available in 1.ph & 3.ph and also available high speed and low speed.
  • Internal fly wheel, bearing, clutch cork, frame and bracket are extra heavy duty and made out of the highest quality material. This means Sonal clutch motors last longer. “Sonal motors” extra torque allows for faster starts.
  • Sonal motors feature built-in light taps, vibration free rotation, low temperature rise. Every motor is tested by penal board. Single phase, 220/ 110 volt & Three Phase,120/ 220/380/440 volts, motors come with switch. All motors come with your choice size of pulley.
  • Motors come in new simens grey stauncher color to match newest production of Sewing Machine Heads.


Industrial sewing machine like a readymade garments, Hosiery knit wear , embroidery , tailoring , woven sacks industries, jut bag industries


All motor is especially designed with powerful performance for all type of industrial sewing machines purpose.

Smooth Rotation

Vibration and noise are minimized.

Low Temprature Rising

The temperature rising of the motor is extremely low.

Accurate Clutch Operation

The size and weight of the flywheel eliminate speed reduction when it engaged with the clutch. Heavy-duty lining material prevents any slipping. Therefore the accurate clutch operation permits instant starting and stopping of the sewing machine.

Adjustable Clutch Head

The operating lever can always be kept in line with the pitman rod and foot treadle. Loosen the bracket holding screw so that the pulley side can end of bracket rotates freely. Now adjust the clutch lever to the most suitable operating position. Then, tighten the bracket holding screw and commence operation.

Belt Tightener

The motor is provided with a belt tightener is easily adjusted by simply loosening the adjustment nut.


Dimensions for EURO-standard installation is available.

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